We could not be happier

Infant chiropractic visits with Dr. Barrett have been absolutely WONDERFUL! Our daughter suffered from on and off constipation and slow bowels for several months. We tried EVERYTHING, from juice to massage to warm baths and leg exercises…she was absolutely miserable. We still keep up on her leg exercises but with the added chiropractor adjustments and his recommendation for Probiotics supplements, it has worked WONDERS!

I am sure being adjusted will continue to benefit our daughter’s health and all around well-being.

We could not be happier with the entire staff at Hugo Chiropractic. From the front desk to the assistants and the Chiropractors, they are wonderful and we are so glad we brought our daughter to get adjusted.

Thank you all so much!


back pain

I cannot thank you enough for helping me figure out what was causing my back pain. You mentioned at my last visit that it could possibly be an issue with my gallbladder. After one visit to my primary doctor and two trips to the ER, I finally got someone to test my gallbladder. After seeing the results of the ultrasound, they admitted me immediately and I had surgery less than 24 hours later.


better than I could have imagined

My experience at Hugo Chiropractic Clinic was better than I could have imagined. Dr. Barrett was amazing. After he pinpointed where my problem was and made adjustments to my lower back, I hadn’t felt this good in years. His professional, friendly staff made my experience feel comfortable as well. Thank you, Dr. Barrett.


Dr. Barrett is the best!

Dr. Barrett is the best! I have been coming here since 2001 and have never sought out a different chiropractor. Despite moving away from Hugo area, I am willing to drive 30 miles to receive chiropractic services from him and his wonderful staff. They know my voice on the phone, accommodate my short-notice requests, and treat me with the utmost kindness, dignity, and respect. I have the utmost trust in Dr. Barrett; the minute I receive an adjustment, I have relief from my pain. He is very gifted.


Thanks for getting me pain-free!

Dr. Barrett is an excellent doctor. He listens to your concerns and explains what he is doing to you. He is committed to his patients.” There is a wonderful staff there to help you too. Thanks for getting me pain-free!


I had horrible neck pain

I had horrible neck pain and couldn’t sleep. I got up the next morning; I did not shower or anything. I just headed right to Dr. Barrett. He adjusted my neck and back and by mid-afternoon, I felt awesome. I truly believe in what Chiropractic has to offer.


I love going to see Dr. Barret!!!

I’be been seeing Dr. Barrett on and off for the past several years. I will go in whenever I am experiencing pain, from headaches, backaches, stiff neck ect. Dr. Barrett always fits me in the same day. He, along with his staff are extremely friendly and offer tips and advice to cure my aches and pains! I’ve seen MANY chiropractors in my life, but Dr. Barrett is by far my favorite!


suffer from headaches

I just wanted to take a minute to thank Dr. Barrett. I suffer from headaches and I recently tried acupuncture and it helped me sooo much. I was lucky not to have a headache twice a week and since I tried acupuncture, I haven’t had a headache in weeks. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your help. Thank you!



I started coming to Dr. Barrett because I was getting terrible migraines and popping too much ibuprofen on a daily basis. He has helped me to feel so much better! And I rarely take ibuprofen anymore. I drive 45 minutes (one way) because Dr. Barrett is the best! I would recommend him to anyone.


I feel like dancing!

I feel like dancing! It feels better already! You’re all my heroes!


So friendly!

So friendly! Easy to make appointments.